Training 2000 psc (Italy)

TRAINING 2000 is a training organization (VET) certified in the Marche Region for regional training, with experience in education and training in different sectors. At EU level, Training 2000 is involved in research and development of new methodologies in training (blended learning) applied within the LLP and ERASMUS+ program. Since 1992, TRAINING 2000 has been involved in several international projects with partners from most European countries in which it has covered issues related to training of trainers, requalification of workers in companies, apprenticeship training, IT Tools, social media and multimedia in teaching and learning; Stimulating European Entrepreneurial Attitudes; Project management for students and companies; environment and sustainability and validation of competencies in specific sectors.

Training 2000 is involved in different European projects aiming at defining competencies and providing training for workers, employees and entrepreneurs and adults in general. Furthermore, the organization provides training of trainers to transfer the knowledge to a wider audience. The organization is continuously promoting adults and youth training in the Marche region. Training 2000 is part of a National Network of Associations of Industries and SMEs ( C.N.A. of Pesaro and Urbino – 6000 SME members), training providers and schools. It works in cooperation also with regional training centers, job centers and the Ministry of Education and Labour,
Training 2000’s staff includes 4 full-time employees and 30 different professionals and freelance.

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