OSTIM Organized Industrial Zone (Turkey)

Celebrating its 50thanniversary as one of the pioneering industrial zones of the Ankara industry, OSTİM is an SME city with international brand value as a solution center for meeting the national needs in which more than 6,200 enterprises and more than 60,000 employees operate in 17 sectors and 139 business lines.

OSTİM laid its foundations by deceased Cevat Dündar and a group of entrepreneurs in 1967, in the present day jog peoples’ memory the concept of “joint competition” and “coalition” in Turkey by expanding SMEs’ ideals.

OSTİM strengthened the quality and low-cost infrastructure, input and superstructure production ecosystem intended for the problems and needs of regional enterprises by taking OSB status in 1997. In OSTİM you can access every kind of investment, permit, infrastructure supply, etc., services “all in one step” which you need in a production environment and supply in a fast and quality manner. You can take part in a safe and efficient production environment in this gigantic structure that demonstrates its differences with production facilities, public service units, living spaces, health, education and non-governmental organizations where life continues 7/24.

More information at: http://www.ostim.org.tr/