Intellectual Output 1: iCOINS – Competence road map for building capacity for industry 4.0 in SMEs

This intellectual output provides a competence map that is necessary to build capacity within the company for Industry 4.0.

Intellectual Output 2: iCOINS – Training modules for raising awareness on Industry 4.0 in SMEs

Based on the competence map created in Intellectual Output 1, this intellectual output provides web-based training modules developed for raising awareness on Industry 4.0 in SMEs.

Intellectual Output 3: iCOINS – OER Platform and iCOINS open badges

The training modules developed in Intellectual Output 2 are available through an open educational resource platform accessible to trainers and SMEs. This intellectual output provides OER and open badges that can be obtained upon the successful completion of the training material.

Intellectual Output 4: iCOINS – Training methodology handbook and training course plan for trainers

This intellectual output combines together an overview of the iCOINS competence map, the 5 training modules, the OER platform and the iCOINS open badges into a methodological description and practical ideas of implementing the material.