Cankaya University (Coordinator – Turkey)

Cankaya University is a private, nonprofit university in Turkey – was founded on August 27, 1997, with the fundamental aim of creating a center of excellence in higher education and research. The University campus is located on the main highway to Eskisehir about 29 km. west of the center of Ankara. Cankaya University has 5 faculties (Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Law) with 21 departments; two institutes with 17 postgraduate master programs and 6 Ph.D. programs; 2 vocational schools with 3 programs; and one English preparatory school to support English language education. The research laboratories include Nanotechnology Research Lab.; Optics and Photonics Research Lab.; Robotics and Electrical Machines Lab.; Parallel and Scientific Computing Lab.; Game R&D Lab.; CUDA Teaching Center and Spatial & Medical Modeling and Simulation Laboratory.

There are 346 paid academicians and 209 administrative staff. It has currently 7362 undergraduate and 1364 graduate students.

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